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David Bridburg

Elegant Derivative Artwork


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Elegant Derivative Artwork

Dear Friend,

As a young boy, I was a dreamer. Many of us are. I dreamed of creating art and music. In my twenties, I set aside my dreams to work like everybody else.

My dreams would not go away. I wanted to create something that is unknown, so far, in the New York and London art scene. I developed a genre that blends masterworks with digital techniques.

As the artist, I am enjoying a new career. Now in my mid 50s, life has never been better. Every morning I set out to work on my art.

My store is powered by the Pixels/FineArtAmerica corporation, a leader in online art sales. Pixel's resources print shops in the US, CA, EU, UK and AU to bring down shipping costs and delivery times.  

Contact me with any questions: Bridburg@sbcglobal.net


David Bridburg

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Each of my images has been registered with the US Copyright Office. My work is not in the Public Domain.


Early Artwork 2014 - 2015

The Layered Series

The Rustic Series

The Blend Series

The Inv Blend Series

The Spheres Series

The Native American Curtis Series

Digital Abstract Paintings

The American Intellectual Series

The Black and White Series


The Contemporary Series

Post Contemporary

Political Scrog

Van Gogh Derivative Works

Roses and Flowers

Group One 2014 - 2015

Group Two 2016 - 2017