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Some 360 degrees of originality

David Bridburg The Artist

My history is complex. Whose is not?

As an engineering student, I had a harder time. I came back from the University of Houston to study at home in the state of Connecticut. I fell into the arts by accident. UCONN was an exciting experience.

The reason for my fall from grace in college was an auditory birth defect. I was diagnosed at age 28. Things began to make sense.

In art school, I did not want to paint or sculpt. I did not want to create abstract or figurative art. Instead, I demanded of myself a new form of art. History caught in the crossroads of post-modernism and digital artwork. I do not lift a camera or a brush. These experiments are from a mental set of constructs developing differently in each collection.

My images never age as decor. There are certain approaches to interior design that never get old or go out of style. The fun in my art is the rebellion of an evocative student.

Currently, I am developing a video game. I like mountains to climb. My birth defect never held me back.


Dave Bridburg

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